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409 S 3rd Street. First Floor
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August 22, 2023

A homeowners endorsement you need! Act early, as this can only be added at your policy renewal.

Home Systems Protection provides coverage for the abrupt and accidental mechanical or electrical breakdown of permanently installed dwelling equipment.

Covered equipment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Heating or air conditioning units

  • Water heaters

  • Electric panels

  • Pumps

  • Permanently installed appliances

The limit for any one breakdown is $50,000 with a $500 deductible.

A sublimit of $2,000 applies to coverage for equipment manufactured 15 years or more prior to the breakdown. However, if the damaged covered home equipment was installed as new, unused equipment within 15 years prior to the breakdown and the customer can provide documentation of the installation date, the $50,000 limit will apply.

August 20, 2023

School is back in session and more drivers are back on the road. My team and I are here to make sure all your insurance needs are taken care of. Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Renters Insurance, Life Insurance and so much. Call, text, or email my office today so you are covered by the Top Rated Insurance Company in America.

July 25, 2023

We hope you are having an enjoyable summer in McCall, New Meadows, Cascade, Donnelly, Council and all the cities in our surrounding communities ! Meet with us virtually so you don’t have to miss a summer activity! We’d love to give you some extra love and support by going over your current insurance coverages, make sure you have the right amount of coverage and aren't missing any areas of protection.

Summer is upon us. We are here to help protect your motorcycle, boat, RV, ATV, and all those vehicles you use for summer time travel fun!

June 2, 2023

Alert! LinkedIn/social solicitation is on the rise.

Remember to protect yourself from targeted social engineering attempts. There are threat actors targeting employees to gain access to employee directories, financial systems, and sensitive company data. Don’t fall victim to these lures!

- Don’t accept friend requests from anyone you do not personally know

- Adjust your privacy settings on social media. The defaults may expose you to certain risks

- Implement multi factor authentication (preferably not through SMS)

- Never reuse passwords across accounts

- Use strong pass phrases rather than short passwords

- Use password security apps like 1Password or LastPass

- Protect your phone with a pin to unlock the sim card (through your phone carrier)

- Do not ever engage with people who call, text, or email you with threats or offers.

- Make sure you are using a secure, private VPN if you are connecting from a public wifi environment like a coffee shop

May 23, 2023

Time to get the Bar-B-Que dusted off! Memorial Day is upon us and it's time to celebrate and kick off summer with some delicious food, friends and family!

With summer upon us, its time to help protect your motorcycle, boat, RV, ATV, and all those vehicles you use for summer time travel fun!

May 5, 2023

It’s almost boating season! Please give us a call to make sure you have the right insurance for all your summer toys! We can help with boat insurance, ATV insurance, motorcycle insurance and more!

April 3, 2023

5 “Spring Cleaning” Tips: Protect Your Home from Electrical Fire Hazards

Electrical hazards are one of the leading causes of home fires in the United States. Luckily, with Ting, plus regular electrical home maintenance, you can help reduce the chances of an electrical fire occurring in your home.

Spring has arrived!

Soon, birds will chirp, flowers will grow, and homeowners everywhere will grumble their way through spring cleaning. Although spring chores may not be the most enjoyable, they do present an opportunity to inspect for and correct potential electrical fire hazards throughout your home. While Ting is incredibly sophisticated in its ability to detect electrical hazards, and is statistically proven to prevent 75% of electrical fires, Ting alone cannot eliminate the risk of a fire in your home. So, as you tidy up this month, consider our top five tips for ensuring your home and family are better protected from electrical fires.

1. Check your smoke alarms

While smoke alarms cannot prevent a fire, they are often the first line of defense in alerting you to one, so you can evacuate safely. According to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) data, almost three of every five home fire deaths result from fires in homes with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms. Since smoke alarms should be checked monthly, use spring cleaning as an opportunity to ensure yours work properly. Replace batteries as needed or at least once a year and replace the smoke alarm itself if it is older than 10 years. New alarms meet updated performance requirements and often have 10-year batteries – a win-win!

2. Inspect your cords

As you pull furniture and appliances away from the walls for cleaning, take a minute to check electrical cords or outlet extenders that are usually out of sight. Make sure they fit snugly in the outlet and are not ‘sagging.’ Look for signs of wear and tear, such as frayed, crimped, or cracked wires, and replace damaged cords immediately. As you put things back, never run cords under rugs that could lead to overheating or under furniture that could cause damage.

3. Reduce your load

Look for opportunities to lighten the load on circuits throughout your home by unplugging appliances you’re not using. Consider hiring an electrician to install extra outlets in places where you find heavy extension cord usage. This will reduce your reliance on extension cords – and fire risk. Always avoid daisy-chaining multiple extension cords together.

4. Feel your outlets

One of the ways to detect electrical fire risks within the home is through your senses. As you clean the baseboards, take a brief moment to safely feel outlet covers and the wall around them. While outlets currently in use may feel warm, they should never be uncomfortably hot, as this is an indication of a potential fire hazard behind your walls. If you come across a hot outlet or smell smoke near one, unplug any devices plugged into it and turn off the breaker if it has not already tripped, and contact an electrician.

5. Clean your devices (Hint, don’t forget to look up!)

It’s not spring cleaning without, well, cleaning! When you pull out the refrigerator to clean the floor, take a minute to remove dust and debris from the coils on the back and check the cord for damage too. Also be sure to empty and clean your vacuum. Doing so with both appliances will increase their efficiency by reducing the amount of power required to operate them. Finally, inspect the dryer vent – if you’ve not vacuumed it out in a while, or don’t have the means to do it, hire a service to get that done. Lint builds up quickly and can ignite from a spark or very hot temperatures. Commonly overlooked are the fixtures on the ceiling. In particular, make sure your ceiling fan has not developed a “wobble” as this can cause vibration that can loosen its wiring connections over time.

If at any point during your spring inspection you detect any electrical hazard, be sure to contact a licensed electrician. And as you check these items off the list, enjoy the comfort that comes with knowing your home is not only cleaner, but safer for you and your family.

February 24, 2023

Free Ting smart home fire-safety monitoring sensor available

Ting sensors monitor a home’s electricity to detect hazards that could cause a fire, helping keep customers and their homes safe. The sensor being offered includes three years of free monitoring service and are a great way to build on relationships with customers.

Enroll at, “State Farm and Ting can help protect your family from electrical fires.”

Additional details

Features included in this offer:

  • Free Ting sensor with mobile app access

  • Pay no annual monitoring service fees for three years (fees paid by State Farm)

  • Receive $1,000 credit toward remediation of electrical fire hazards (provided by Whisker Labs)

February 8, 2023

Your income is your greatest asset. It allows you to pay bills, save for the future and have fun along the way. But, what happens if you become totally disabled due to illness or injury and can’t work to earn an income?

How would you pay your monthly expenses and maintain your family’s lifestyle? A simple solution is short-term income protection from State Farm.

This coverage offers the flexibility of helping to protect your rent, ability to pay your bills and other monthly expenses if the unexpected happens. And, there’s a short application process, which makes it simple. Keep your life on track when the unexpected happens. I can help you put a plan in place to protect your income and your way of life. Feel free to contact me to discuss your options or schedule an appointment.

January 3, 2023


What are your goals for 2023? Is it to be more kind? To find a better job? To save money? To make sure you are financially secure? Whatever your needs are, we know you will achieve them. And in some cases, we may be able to help.

In 2023, our Agency has committed to make sure that all of our customers have protected their income, have cash to pay their bills in the event of an unexpected death or an off the job accident or illness.

· In the event of losing a primary wage earner, nearly half (44%) of American households would encounter significant financial difficulties within six months. More than a quarter (28%) would reach this point in only one month.

· Among Americans who say they feel “very” or “extremely” knowledgeable about life insurance, more than 60% have coverage. However, among those who say they don’t feel knowledgeable about life insurance, fewer than 20% have life insurance.

Most customers tell us that having the right coverage has reduced sleepless nights of worry and stress. Let us help alleviate some of that.

November 28

Well, the last two months have just flown by. We are now entering the holiday season and to top it off, the snow is falling in McCall!

It's always important to look at your homeowners coverage annually to make sure you are covered appropriately. In this post, I am going to focus on two endorsements available on your Homeowners Policy. Back-Up of Sewers or Drains and Service Line Coverge

Do I need Back-Up of Sewers or Drains? Yes - if you are on City Water and Sewage

Do I need Service Line Coverage? Yes - If you have any of the following:

Covered service lines are exterior underground piping and wiring that provide any of the following services to a residence premises:

  • Communications, including cable transmission, data transmission, internet access, and telecommunications

  • Compressed air

  • Drainage

  • Electrical power

  • Heating, including geothermal, natural gas, propane, and steam

  • Waste disposal

  • Water

What is Back-Up of Sewer or Drain Coverage?

Back-Up of Sewers or Drains provides coverage for accidental direct physical loss to property covered under Coverage A (building property) and covered personal property located in the dwelling when the loss is caused by the back-up of water or sewage. The maximum amount available for this coverage is determined as a percentage of Coverage A, either 5% or 10%.

Coverage is excluded for:

  • Losses that occur or are in progress within the first 5 days of the inception of this endorsement, unless it is a:

    • Newly issued policy

    • Replacement of another Back-Up of Sewer or Drain endorsement

      Note: If the coverage limits with this endorsement are higher than those of the endorsement it replaces, the 5-day limitation applies to the increase in coverage limits.

  • Losses resulting from failure to:

    • Keep a sump pump or its related equipment in proper working condition

    • Perform the routine maintenance or repair necessary to keep a sewer or drain free from obstructions

Coverage can be added at any time. There is a 5-day waiting period for Backup of Sewer or Drain coverage. A waiting period helps prevent losses impending at the time a customer requests coverage. The waiting period begins on the day Sewer or Drain coverage is effective, subject to the conditions described in the Backup of Sewer or Drain endorsement attached to the policy. This coverage is not available if the applicant has had 2 or more losses within the last 5 years—insured or uninsured—caused by the back-up of a sewer or drain.

What is Service Line Coverage?

Service Line pays repair costs for damage to or loss or failure of exterior underground piping and wiring that provide service to the residence premises which may be caused by:

  • Wear and tear, marring, deterioration, or hidden decay.

  • Rust or other corrosion.

  • Mechanical breakdown, latent defect, or inherent vice.

  • Weight of vehicles, equipment, animals, or people.

  • Artificially generated electrical current.

  • Vermin, insects, rodents, or other animals.

  • Freezing or frost heave.

  • External force from a shovel, backhoe, or other form of excavation.

  • Tree root invasion.

The coverage limit for any one service line failure is $10,000 for covered service lines less than 50 years old or $2,500 for covered service lines 50 years old or older and is subject to a $500 deductible.

Note: Service Line claims are not considered for Claim Record Rating.

Service Lines Covered

Covered service lines are exterior underground piping and wiring that provide any of the following services to a residence premises:

  • Communications, including cable transmission, data transmission, internet access, and telecommunications

  • Compressed air

  • Drainage

  • Electrical power

  • Heating, including geothermal, natural gas, propane, and steam

  • Waste disposal

  • Water

Service Lines Not Covered

Covered service lines end at the precise location where the homeowner’s responsibility for repair or replacement ends. Covered service lines do not include the following:

  • Part of piping or wiring that runs through or under a body of water including, but not limited to, a swimming pool, pond, or lake

  • Part of piping or wiring that runs through or under the dwelling or other structure Note: This does not apply to piping or wiring that runs under a driveway or walkway or under a structure that is not immediately above a foundation and is raised sufficiently from the ground that the piping or wiring can be accessed without damaging or dismantling the structure.

  • Piping or wiring that is not connected and ready for use

  • Septic systems, including leach fields, septic tanks, pumps, motors, or piping that runs from the septic tank to the leach field

  • Water wells, including well pumps or motors

  • Heating and cooling systems, including heat pumps

  • Sprinkler system pumps, motors, or heads

Service line failure does not include blockage or low pressure of a covered service line when there is no physical damage to the covered service line.

This coverage can be added subject to these restrictions:

  • On newly written business, coverage may be added only at the time of application.

  • On renewals, coverage may be added effective on an anniversary date.

September 8

Can you believe it's already September?! I can't. However, I can tell I have had a great summer and that's because I have a tan. How about you? What is it that confirms you had a great summer --- or even a not so great one? For me, having a tan means that I have been out in nature, being mindful, enjoying the long summer days and taking time for me and my family. Careers can be tough, but its how we handle each day that determines what the next day will look like. I found that getting on the water or going hiking after work really clears my mind and eases the stresses of everyday life. Yes, we get tired and don't always have the energy, but after I push myself, I found that I slept better, our family got to laugh and enjoy each other, and to me, that's what life is all about. If I only spent my days on the water, or hiking instead of having a career, I may not appreciate these special times as much as I do after a long day - it feels more deserving.

Now, back to serious business. It's fire season here in Central Idaho. Lightening is a common cause of forest fires for us. You would think that summer storms are exhilarating, but they come with potentially disastrous after-math. We have fantastic first responders and have amazing look out stations managed by humans who spend countless hours watching for the first sign of a forest fire. Thank you to everyone that helps protect us, our forests, our homes, the wildlife and so much more.

In addition to this team, sometimes, they can't control where that fire wants to go, this means, you have to make sure your "stuff" is protected--correctly! And you are prepared. Below is some information from the Forest Service website:

Fire Evacuation Check List

  • Have at least 1/2 tank of fuel in your vehicle at all times.

  • Flashlight, portable radio.

  • Round up your pets: get them secured and ready to go into the car with no way of escape before they are loaded into the car (this is especially important with cats).

  • Make a prior arrangement to contact a neighbor or friend who might be available to help you in an evacuation situation with loading or driving a second or third vehicle, or to help with large animals such as horses/ penned animals etc.

  • Have pet carriers, leashes, food bowls, food, litter boxes, litter, and other pet needs ready to go & ready for car (store in a secure place so these are easily loaded into the car).

  • Have very important files, back‐up disks, plug‐in USB virtual drive, small compact file box ready to go. Include such things as homeowner’s policy, auto policies, life & retirement files, account records, legal documents, licenses, etc. (or store in a fireproof safe or fireproof bunker).

  • Computer CPU (hard‐drive most important) if you have no back‐ups.

  • Photograph albums, photo CDs, etc, ‐ Have these ready, packed, stored in a secure place to go immediately into car (or store in a fireproof safe).

  • Cameras & high valued jewelry or important electronic devices.

  • Suitcase filled with old but usable clothing, socks, underwear, jackets, sweatshirt, extra shoes, etc. Keep this packed ahead. Include a bag for him and for her of toiletry items, including: deodorant, disposable shavers, extra toothbrushes, shampoo & shaving cream, toothpaste, extra regular medications to last a few days.

  • If you have enough room, consider a few items from your camping or picnic supplies.

  • Pillows & light blankets (in case you might have to sleep outside while evacuated).

  • If time, draft e‐mail, send to friends and family about your intentions.

  • All household & car keys, wallet, handbag, cell phones & any financial cards you keep in a drawer that you might need.

  • Complete phone list or phone address book (snail and e‐mail), including cell phones of neighbors, family.

  • Special or valuable items (make your own list). Close all windows, close all interior doors, remove curtains from area of windows.

  • Turn off propane gas at tank, remove BBQ propane tank, take it with you or store in a secure place such as a bunker or away from your house

July 16

Community Matters!

I am so proud to be able to support our communities financially through sponsorships. Since opening February 1, we have donated over $3,300 to the following organizations and are always looking for more ways to help our communities, schools, organizations, clubs, etc.

  • Cascade Athletic Association

  • Cascade Sober Graduation

  • Girl Scouts

  • McCall Donnelly High School Football

  • McCall Donnelly High School Sober Graduation

  • McCall Donnelly High School Track

  • McCall Area Comp Mountain Bike Team (Youth Grade 6-12)

  • Wild Rockies Racing (Trail Runs, Triathlons, Mountain Biking/Enduro)

  • McCall Mountain Madness Softball

We will be taking requests for sponsorships for for non-profits through September this year. If you are a non-profit in Valley County, Adams County, Payette County or Washington County, please reach out to us. Sponsorships are limited, so please get in touch soon.

July 7

It's been a little while since I have posted, but that doesn't mean you are not important to us. You are! Summer is in full swing in Valley and Adams County with thousands of visitors coming to town daily. With that in mind, keep a close eye on your belongings while out and about. We have had some thefts that are not typical of this area as we are such a close net community, but when out-of-towners come to visit, some just feel a bit greedy. Bicycles have been stolen from our youth, one of the main ways they get around town. Let's work together as a community to keep an eye out for anything suspicious and report it to our local law enforcement. This is also a time to think about any of your own valuables that may need to be scheduled under a Personal Article's Policy to protect them from theft, fires or anything else. Some of those items may include Fine Arts, Camera and Equipment's, Bicycles, Firearms, Antiques and more. Please reach out to us to discuss your valuable belonging's so we can get them protected.

May 13

Don't let another minute pass by without LIFE INSURANCE

This week was a sad situation for a State Farm agency. A young lady passed away from an accident, she was in her late 20s. Her new baby was also in the car, whom survived. The young lady did not have any life insurance . State Farm can offer you life insurance along with your auto coverage, providing you more value. I offer life insurance that fits your budget. Don't delay - call us today!

May 10

State Farm McCall is Hiring!

Looking for a part time front office greeter, customer service guru, computer literate kind human to join our team. Will train. Pay will depend on experience and skill level. We are in the business of helping people. Our customers are our priority. Must be comfortable with a background check. Must have computer and internet experience.

This is a non smoking office, so if you smoke, need not apply.

Please contact me directly to discuss more.

April 8

State Farm McCall is hiring!

Looking for well-organized, resourceful and driven account managers. Our agency's priority and focus is our customers. I expect excellence of anyone that is a part of my team. Hours are 40+. I am in need of career-minded individuals. Sometimes the work can't get done from 8:30-5:30, and I need professionals who understand that the job requires extra time when needed. Our philosophy is to work hard and play hard. To be considered, you must be willing to obtain insurance licenses in life, health, property and casualty. This not an easy feat and not for the weary. Due to the nature of being a Licensed Insurance Agent and rigorous training, with that comes major responsibilities and expectations. I am looking for team members that are comfortable over communicating and overcoming hurdles.

Internships. Ever thought about trying out marketing, customer service or have mad computer skills you are just not sure how to utilize? I would love to talk to you. Many opportunities in Social Media Marketing, Strong Customer Service in person and over the phone, payment processing.

Our agency is a non-smoking office. So, please if you smoke, no need to apply.

March 1


If you’ve ever considered life insurance, now is the time.

From March – May 2022, your State Farm Agency in McCall, ID will be hosting various events as a community outreach. All residents within a 75-mile radius from McCall are welcome to participate!

Not only does our agency want to support our local clubs, organizations, and non-profits, we want to make sure the residents of Central Idaho are protected holistically by a reputable and financially stable company and that means securing life insurance while you still can.

Not sure what exactly life insurance is or does or what the options are? Don’t worry, we have a team of well-educated insurance professionals to help you.

State Farm is a life insurance company that happens to also offer auto, home, renters, paycheck protection, health and much more!

Love Free Stuff?

  • Stop by our office or call us to start a quote and you can receive a box of Girl Scout Cookies or choose for us to make a $5 donation to Watkins Burnout Fund

  • Obtain a $7 Gift Card for Stacey Cakes (McCall) or Calf Pen Products (Council) in exchange for a life, paycheck protection, or health insurance quote

  • Attend an informational seminar and receive State Farm branded giveaways

  • Provide us names and numbers of 3 people you think would value State Farm and receive $5 gift.

  • Obtain a life insurance quote for your littles and let them choose a gift.

  • For any virtual quotes – you will be sent your free item

Monthly Giveaways

“Sweet” Gift Cards (April/May)


Kids “Grab” Bag (April/May)


$25 Gift Cards for your Easter Ham or a Gas Card to get you where you need to go! (Will be provided to any customer that obtains a quote on homeowners, auto and two life insurance quotes

February 24

It's be almost a month since our Grand Re-Opening on February 1, 2022. We have to say, it has been amazing. So far our customers love that we're back. We are lucky enough to be servicing Central Idaho, including Valley County, Adams County, parts of Boise County, Pollock, Riggins, Cambridge and Mesa.

Our office will be having a Grand Opening (date TBD), Seminars and other onsite events. We will post our events as they come up. We also have goals to partner with all local clubs, organizations and non-profits.

Visit often to keep up to date on the latest news!


February 1

Charity Andersen is a resident of McCall. She has over 11 years of experience in the insurance industry and has served in various management roles over her career. Charity is an insurance educator who understands the complexities of insurance policies and jargon. She graduated from University of Phoenix with a Bachelors of Science in Business Management. Charity also holds Idaho licenses in Property, Casualty, Life and Health. She has been married for 19 years to Freddy Andersen and has a 15 year old son named Cade. Her family loves mountain biking, snowboarding, water activities and all Idaho has to offer. Andersen herself is a colon cancer survivor and is very empathetic, transparent and honest.

She could not be more excited to bring State Farm back to McCall. It is vital to have a State Farm presence in McCall, Valley County, Adams county and Central Idaho to be able to support the needs of our customers and community. It is our office goal to provide a safe and constant place for them to turn and count on. State Farm is a company that she is proud to be a part of due to their financial security, values and ethics as an insurance and financial services institution.

Our agency looks forward to offering our products and services that protect the individuals, families and businesses in this community, and their most valuable assets, from the unexpected.

Andersen’s office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. She is also available by appointment on the evenings and weekends.

Insurance Products Offered

Auto, Homeowners, Condo, Renters, Personal Articles, Business, Life, Health, Pet

Other Products


Charity Andersen Insurance and Financial Services mission is to be there for the community – like a good neighbor – being loyal, good listeners, offering support and keeping promises all while providing a bulletproof wall of protection to help individuals, families and businesses manage the risk of everyday life and recover financially and emotionally when that does happen. Our agency’s foundational values are to provide a safe, trusting and pleasant experience while acting with integrity and being transparent in our daily operations and actions.

Charity Andersen - Agency Owner

With over 13 years of insurance experience, Charity's knowledge of the insurance industry allows her to provide her customers with an in-depth education of insurance options, coverages and requirements. She holds a bachelor's degree in business management and insurance licenses in Property, Casualty, Life and Health. In her free time, she enjoys boating and wake-surfing, snowboarding, traveling, reading and being with her family.

Ema Moore - Customer Service Representative

Born and raised in Idaho, Ema has chosen McCall as her primary residence to build her career and family. In her free time, she enjoys gallivanting her two pups around on various adventures like hiking, paddle boarding and road tripping. New to the insurance world, she is dedicated to going above and beyond to provide excellent customer service to meet your insurance needs.

Heather Ahlstedt - Customer Service Representative

Heather is a McCall native and recently returned from out to state to the place she truly calls home. Heather has joined the agency to pursue her career as a licensed insurance agent. Heather enjoys horse-back riding, singing and hiking. She appreciates spending time with her family and friends.

Kelly Erickson - Customer Service Representative

Kelly is a go-getter. She likes to work hard and play hard. Traveling internationally is a huge priority for her at this time in her life. She is curious about other countries, the people and wants to learn as much as she can. Being an Idaho native, Kelly is big in to paddle-boarding, hiking and anything the typical Idaho outdoors-man (or woman in this case) loves to do.


Kelly Erickson

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